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Nouman Ud Din Law firm is one of the legal institutions in the Pakistan, and known after its high-end solutions both in legal and consultancy services. Both the local and regional clients are enquiring benefits and achieve their desired results out of legal assistance which are also within the same institutional frame work. Our success is based on unprecedented accumulated experience in dealing with legal issues, negotiation, arbitration and litigation available to our litigants to answer all inquiries and provide high quality services in order to meet client’s interests and building a strong and a long-term relationship.
Our priority and guaranty in providing legal services is the legitimacy and quality of litigant’s rights and interest’s protection.

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Commercial law at the top of pyramind of the different branches of law, and commercial transactions is the backbone of economic life. Given that the business accelerated in the region and the daily changes that occur in the body of the judiciary, rhythm are difficult for investors and companies to keep up with secretions commercial reality in terms of the rules.
Nouman Ud Din Law Firm’s property advising services has a wide range experience all across the Pakistan and considers all aspects relating to the property industry. We establish our property services in 2010 and maintained to produce the best of its services in the real estate legal space. The team of our legal representatives is high qualified that make them much more efficient and talented.
Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets. The protection and defense of your idea, innovation, invention or business process in the form of copyrights, patents and trade sectors is crucial to your success as and artist, business owner, entrepreneur, or executive.
Litigation in the Civil and Criminal cases is aimed to get a fast and fair resolution of the matters. Our lawyers will take care of a fair judgment, when everything is said and done. We specialize in reliable, legal solutions including; • Negotiation • Litigation • Alternative Dispute Resolution
Insurance is a system designed to protect an entity or institution or individual in the event of exposure to financial losses caused by an accident. Insurance is really helpful in some cases. It’s principle is based on paying a premium amount in order to return to the previous situation that was existed before incurring a loss. Due to the rapid growth to the pace of economic life, insurance law has divided into many branches dealing with many different sectors.

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